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Why Are Users Appearing Duplicated in the Reminders Dropdown List?


  • User is appearing duplicated in the Calendar or Task Reminder Dropdown list.


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

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The duplicated User(s) have Added Email Addresses to the Notifications > Email Delivery Setting within their Clio Manage account.


When emails are added to the Notifications Email Delivery settings by a User, this is how the User appears within the Task Reminder and Calendar Reminder dropdown:


To resolve this, have the User who has their name duplicating please navigate to Settings > Notifications > Select and verify email addresses: mceclip0.png

Have the User Delete the additional email addresses:


The User will no longer appear duplicated to other Users in the Firm, however, upon deleting those email addresses on the list - that User will no longer be able to select those email addresses under 'Me' when selecting the reminder dropdown:

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