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What Happens When More Than One User Edits a Document at the Same Time Using the Clio Launcher?


  • How does Clio Launcher behave when multiple Users are editing the same document?


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:


Upon saving Documents using Clio Launcher, Clio Launcher will create a new Version within Clio.

This means, if Person A and Person B both open the same Document at the same time using Clio Launcher, and Person B saves their changes first, then a new Version will be created. If Person A was to then save their changes after Person B already has, then another new Version will be created on top of Person B's Version, making Person A's version the current Version of the Document within Clio.

In essence, the most recent save of the Document will be the current version within Clio. Clio Launcher cannot reflect realtime changes within the Document itself while the Document is edited, such as a program like Google Docs.

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