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How Do I Install Clio Desktop App?


  • How do I begin to use Clio Drive + Clio Launcher + ScanSnap Integration


  • Clio Manage 
  • Clio Desktop App

Additional Information:

  • Allow any Windows prompts for your Firewall - if you do not, Drive will not fully download

Installing Clio Desktop App 

  1. Log in to Clio Manage 
  2. Click Documents
  3. Click Desktop Access in the top right hand corner
  4. Choose your region associated with your account
  5. Enter your Clio Manage credentials 
  6. Click Allow Access
  7. You will now see a Clio icon in your Task bar under the ^ drive_icon.png

Setting up Clio Drive

  1. Open the Clio desktop app
  2. Click Drive
  3. Toggle on Drive
  4. Check that the status is connected
  5. Select your preferred Drive letter
  6. Click Update drive letter
  7. Locate Clio Drive on your file explorerScreen_Shot_2021-10-22_at_3.16.45_PM.png
  8. You will be able to see your contact folder in alphabetical order
  9. Inside contact folder there will be sub-folders for matters
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