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What is Clio Drive?

Clio Drive is a desktop file management solution on your file explorer that will stream files to and from Clio’s Cloud, giving you all the benefits of organizing files virtually, with the seamless productivity and familiarity of working with files directly on your computer.

What is the Clio Desktop App?

Clio Desktop App, a collection of 3 simple yet powerful document solutions.

  • Clio Launcher - Allows you to access, edit, create and save documents in a few clicks. You no longer have to download or re-upload to send files!
  • Clio Drive - Sync files on your desktop directly into Clio Manage.
  • Fujitsu ScanSnap integration - Makes it easy to convert paper records into electronic form, upload them in Clio Documents.

Why do law firms need this?

Documents are the center point of a firm's legal work and when they're slow, it slows down their ability to grow.

Firms want their documents and files centrally organized for easy access and they see their Legal Practice Management as a place to find that solution. This is why Clio has built an integrated document management solution in a way that is already familiar to firms; right on your desktop.

Set Up

How do I get started with Drive?

With an eligible Clio account, you will be able to download the new version by clicking the Desktop Access button on any of the Documents pages. Follow the steps in this article to set up your account.  

Can you set document-level user permissions?

Yes. Document permissions can be set inside a matter in Clio Manage. They will cascade from Clio Manage so that a user will only have access to the matters and folders that they can view in the Web App.


What kind of device is Clio Drive compatible with?

Clio Drive and the Clio Desktop app are available on all PCs and Macs. The Clio Desktop app includes Clio Launcher and the Fujitsu Scansnap integration. 

Does Clio Drive change how I work with documents?

No. It will make it better. Now you can work with documents synced directly from your Clio Manage account right on your desktop.

Can multiple files be uploaded into Clio Drive? (Bulk upload)

Yes. Clio Drive has a bulk upload functionality. You can upload large quantities of documents or large file sizes in the background from Clio Drive to Clio Manage. To learn more please visit here if you use a PC.

Can firms share files or folders with clients or co-counsel using a link (like Google, Dropbox, etc.)?

No. Securely sharing files should continue to happen through Clio Connect.

Can we attach documents directly to emails from Clio Drive?

Yes. Clio Drive provides a better way. No more downloading a file and re-uploading it to an email.

Can we only access folders belonging to Open matter only?

No. At the moment the functionality to choose matter folders by status which sync to Drive is not available. 

Note: Only documents that have had a last active date of less than 12 months ago and up to 40,000 folders at a time can be synced into Clio Drive.

Can I access my files offline?

No. Clio Drive is a network drive, and therefore it needs the internet to function.

You can stay logged out of Clio Manage in the browser but remain logged into the Clio Desktop app. All uploads to Clio Drive will be reflected in Clio Manage when you log back in.

How often does Clio Drive sync to Clio Manage?

Clio Drive syncs instantly any time we sense that something has changed. Any changes or updates made in Clio Drive will update in Clio Documents and vice versa.

Does Clio Drive create a local version of my files on my computer?

No. Think of Clio Drive as a mirrored image of what is in your documents folder in Clio Manage. This adds an added layer of security.

Will multiple members of my team be able to work on the same document in Clio Drive at the same time?

Yes. The most recent edit of the document will be saved into Clio Manage. We advise that you coordinate with your team members when making edits to files.

How secure are my files in Clio Drive?

Clio Drive is a network drive that mirrors your files onto all of the devices you've authenticated through Clio Drive. It provides the same level of security you can rely on in the web app.

What happens if I delete files and folders in Clio Drive?

Files and folders deleted in Drive will also be deleted in the Web App of Clio, but they will be recoverable from the Web App of Clio. A file goes into a "hidden" state and is recoverable by selecting “Show trashed file” checkbox selected under Filter.

What is the individual file upload limit with Clio Drive?

The upload limit for both Clio Drive and Clio Manage is 5GB.

If a file size is greater than 5GB you’ll need to compress it or zip it first.

If I currently use third-party integrations like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, NetDocuments do can I still use Clio Drive?

If you're already using a third-party drive (Dropbox, Google Drive) and prefer those features, you can continue to use it via that integration.

Clio Drive is a native and integrated way to access and manage files on your desktop with unlimited file storage capacity.

Is Clio Drive GDPR compliant?

Yes. Any file added to Clio Drive from a personal machine or from a connected share drive will automatically be synced to the Clio Manage server based in Ireland for our European customers.

Will changes to Matter folder naming in Clio Manage be applied to Matter folders in Clio Drive?

Yes. Any changes made to a Matter number/folder name will be reflected in Clio Drive. The syncing time will vary based on the number of Matter folders getting renamed in Clio Manage. 

How are Client folders organized in Clio Drive, and is it possible to customize this?

Client folders are sorted by First Name. There is currently no way to change this to Last Name, First Name.

Can I get a component of Clio Drive as a stand alone download? (Ex: Can I only have Clio Launcher?)

No, not at this time.  Clio Drive comes with both Clio Launcher and Fujitsu ScanSnap integration and they can not be used separately.

What plan includes Clio Drive?

Essentials, Complete and Advanced plans include Clio Drive

Where can I find more information on Clio Drive?

Check out key resources here.

If you’re an existing Clio Manage customer and need help with the Clio Drive, please contact

If you are a new customer and would like a demonstration of Clio Drive, please contact


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