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Clio Launcher Not Working After Migrating from FasterSuite to Clio Drive


  • Why is Clio Launcher not working when I started using Clio Drive?
  • I moved from FasterLaw to Clio Drive and now my Clio Launcher isn't working
  • After installing Clio Drive, when I click on Clio Launcher nothing is happening now


  • Clio Launcher
  • Clio Drive

Additional Information:

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Most likely FasterSuite was installed before which is causing this issue. 

To correct this issue please use the steps found here:

Important things to note:

  • If FasterSuite was uninstalled you'll need to first re-install it before the steps in the article can be used.
  • Once FasterSuite is reinstalled it is crucial that Clio Launcher is running before starting Faster Suite.
  • Ensure that Clio Launcher is open first. NOT by clicking blue arrows in Clio. Open Clio Launcher by finding it either in the Start menu on PC or using the Spotlight search tool in Mac.
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