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Why Are My Document Names in Clio Drive Shortened?


  • Why are my item names in Clio Drive shortened?
  • Why do the documents in Clio Drive have a ~001 in them


  • Clio Drive
  • Clio Manage

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Windows limits the maximum length of filenames and paths displayed in Explorer. To allow items with long names to still be visible, Clio Drive may shorten document and folder names to the first 8 characters of the name, followed by a unique number. This shortening applies to items that have a total path length that is more than 250 characters on Windows and > 1010 characters on MacOS.

For example, consider a folder in Manage with the following document names:

  • This-is-a-really…[insert long name here].docx
  • This-is-another-really…[insert long name here].docx

In Clio Drive, these documents may be shortened to:

  • This-is~001.docx
  • This-is~002.docx

The parent folder names for affected items may also be shortened if the paths of the items are still too long for the user’s OS.


This is only for display purposes and does not affect the actual item names in Manage. However, if a user renames a shortened document name (e.g. by changing the ~001 to ~002, the rename will apply to the item in Manage).


Clio Drive does not make any guarantees about which documents are assigned which numbers.

These shortened names will not go away if an item gets moved. Renaming or moving these items in Manage to a new location may cause the original names to reappear after a sync, but only if the paths for the items are below the path length limit for the user’s OS.

In some cases, users may see truncation  in addition to disambiguation:


This will only occur if users have created a document in Manage with a name that follows the pattern xxxxxxxx~yyy. For example: if a user creates a document named MyFileIs~001.docx, and another document with a long name that also gets shortened to MyFileIs~001.docx is in the same folder in Manage, both documents will be disambiguated using a unique document number.


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