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Why Did Clio Drive Disappear from File Explorer?


  • Autostart Clio Desktop App
  • Launch Clio Desktop App
  • Access Clio's virtual drive via File Explorer


  • Clio Manage
  • Clio Desktop App

Additional Information:

  • The Clio Desktop app is an application that is installed on your computer. Unless the program (Clio Desktop app) is running, the Drive that is mounted will not be displayed.


Upgrade Clio desktop application to a newer version.


  1. Click up arrow on the bottom of your desktop to view open application Icons
  2. Click on the Clio desktop icon (Circle with a checkmark) to launch Clio Desktop
  3. In the active Clio desktop window click the Gear Icon
  4. If applicable click on the upgrade hyperlink (Blue)
  5. After Clio desktop application has been updated, the Clio Drive should appear in the File Explorer


Click on the Clio Launcher Icon next to a file from the Documents section within Clio Manage. This will prompt the Clio Desktop app to run along with Clio Launcher. This will also result in the Drive becoming remounted and should then become visible in File Explorer.


Follow the Steps here from Microsoft's website to add the Clio Desktop app to the list of applications to be automatically started upon turning your computer on.

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