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How to Bill using Pre-Purchased Time?


  • Bill via pre-purchased block of hours 
  • Invoice block of 10 hours. 
  • Can I Bill with a Pre-Purchased amount of Hours? 


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • Please Note: Clio is not built to accommodate billing via pre-purchased hours and we generally recommend that you follow the Flat Fee or Hourly Billing workflows. The below procedure is only a workaround. 
  • The workaround involves creating a new transaction for the pre-purchased hours, tracking actual hourly entries (and pulling them through to the bill), creating a second transaction to reflect the hours used, and then on the Bill, entering an Invoice Note on how much time they have remaining (and if those hours would rollover).


To get started, you will need to create a New Bill Theme that will strictly be used for clients who pre-purchase time. You also want to ensure that the following changes are made to the Bill Theme: 

  1. Statement of Accounts - Add the Operating Account Ledger at the bottom of the bill. See here
  2. Localizations - Rename the Quantity and Quantity subtotal section e.g hours used. See here.

Once the Bill Theme has been created, you can follow the below steps:

  1. Create a new Matter. 
  2. Create a New Transaction in the Operating Account to reflect the pre-purchased hours ( Description could be '10 hours of Pre-Purchased Time'. The process would be the same as entering a retainer amount - see here. 
  3. Track time as usual against the Matter. To ensure that the time can be included in the bill, ensure that you $0.00 out the rate instead of selecting the Non-Billable button. 
  4. Generate a Draft Invoice when you are ready to bill (if we approve the invoice, we will not be able to make any edits as it will push it to the Paid status). 
  5. Select the Correct Bill theme under Options. The invoice should now reflect the total hours and include the Operating Account Ledger with the initial payment. 
  6. Create a negative transaction in the Operating account to reflect the balance based on hours used. This will then update the ledger on the Bill. 
  7. Add an Invoice Note outlining how much time the client has remaining and if this will roll over into the next month. e.g 7 PRE-PURCHASED HOURS USED. 3 HOURS REMAIN. 
  8. Approve the Bill

The invoice note can only be reflected at the bottom of the page. You may wish to add details to the Matter Description to better reflect the pre-purchase of hours. This will ensure that it is clearly documented on the Invoice. e.g Will creation (10 hours of pre-purchased time). 


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