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Error: "Sorry Clio Launcher has Encountered a Problem. Cannot Read Properties of undefined"


  • Clio Launcher is unable to load


  • Clio Manage
  • Clio Desktop

Additional Information:

  • n/a


Resolution :

  1. Exit the Clio Launcher/Drive application completely.
  2. Navigate to '%appdata%' in the File Explorer address bar and then navigate to 'Roaming'
  3. Locate and navigate to the 'Clio Launcher' folder.
    Note: It could likely be named 'Clio Desktop' by now.
  4. Delete any 'drive-nnnnnn' folders (there are typically 3 folders). 
    Note: The 'drive-nnnnnn' will likely be replaced by a string of numbers in place of the N's.
  5. Start the Clio Launcher/Drive application and follow the steps to set up Clio Drive.
  6. If the issue persists try signing out and in of Clio Launcher


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