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Using Clio Scheduler to Schedule Meetings with Existing Clients


  • Use Clio Scheduler to Schedule Meetings with Existing Clients
  • Allow Existing Clients to Make Bookings Though Clio Scheduler without Contact/Matter Duplication


  • Clio Grow
  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • It is important to note that this is a workaround procedure in Clio Grow, and may create duplicate contacts/matters in Grow if not done correctly.
  • This workaround REQUIRES that the appointment booking that existing customers use goes through Lead Inbox for confirmation.
  • For purposes of filtering in Matter Reporting in Clio Grow, Users may wish to create additional Matter Status and Matter Types for matters created during the Scheduler workaround process



Some firms want to have the functionality to allow existing clients, ones that have cases currently being managed in Clio Manage, to use a public booking link to make consultations with their lawyers. This is not something that is currently supported in Clio Manage but can be achieved through using Clio Grow's Scheduler function when properly set up.

By following the procedure listed below, you will be able to create a public booking link for existing clients to book additional consultations through the use of Clio Grow's Scheduler.

First, you will need to create a separate appointment type for existing clients by following these steps:

      1. In your Grow Settings, click on Scheduler.
      2. Create a New appointment type for the appropriate User.
      3. Fill in the Appointment Name. It is recommended that you include "Existing Client" or some verbiage similar to this.
      4. Fill in the rest of Appointment Information as needed.
      5. ALWAYS select "Add new appointments to lead inbox to allow for a confirmation" as the On appointment booking setting. This is how you will avoid duplicate contacts.
      6. Finish setting up Basic booking settings and Advanced booking settings as appropriate.
      7. When at the end of creating this new appointment, select Create.
      8. Repeat these steps for the different types/lengths of meetings you want to create.

Second, you will need to decide how the client will book these meetings. You can either send the booking link directly to them via Email, or you can add this meeting type to your Firm Scheduler.

Send Link via Email

            1. In your Grow Settings, click on Scheduler.
            2. On the appropriate appointment you want to send, click Copy link.
            3. Paste this link in the email you are sending.

Add Appointment to Firm Scheduler

            1. In your Grow Settings, click on Scheduler.
            2. Under Firm Scheduler, click Select appointment types.
            3. Click the check box beside the appointments you want to add.
            4. Click Save.

Third, when a client makes an appointment, it will go into your Lead Inbox for you to be able to confirm it. Use the following steps to confirm the appointment:

      1. While in Clio Grow, click on the icon that looks like a paper tray called Inbox.
      2. Select the Appointments tabs at the top of the page.
      3. Review the appointment information, and if you want to confirm this appointment click Add, if you do not want to confirm it click Delete intake and cancel appointment.
      4. After clicking Add, it should pick up that there is already contact with that client's information. Click Select by the existing contact to avoid duplicate contacts if one is available. If you know there is an existing contact but Grow is not picking it up for you, click Didn't find the contact you're looking for? and type in the existing contact info.
      5. Repeat step #4 for the matter.
      6. Click Confirm.

You have now completed the scheduling for an existing contact without duplicating the contact in Grow.


Below are some ADDITIONAL STEPS you can take in order to keep everything organized.

      • Create a new Matter Status under the Hired section to place your existing clients who have booked an additional consultation. (For Accurate Reporting)
      • You can create a single matter in Clio Grow and link all existing clients who book additional consults to that one matter.
      • Go to your Calendar in Clio Manage, and select the event and click Edit event. You can now add a zoom link, connect it to a matter already in Manage, and add any additional invitees you may want to add.
      • You can also use Clio Grows notification function for this booking, setting up automated reminders or pushing through manual reminders using one of your templates.
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