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What is the Deposit Report?


  • What is the Deposit Report?
  • What is the Deposit Report used for?
  • What Information is available on the Deposit Report?
  • How do I reconcile processing fees with my bank account? 
  • How do I reconcile processing fees with deposits? 


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Additional Information:

  • Click here for an overview video of the Deposit Report


The Deposit Report provides a detailed breakdown of the individual transactions and respective fees that make up each day’s bulk payout. It makes it easy to identify the total fees charged on a daily and monthly basis as well as the net amount deposited.

You can run this report for any linked bank account over a specified time period.

The report will show each day's payout separately, indicating the date and the account where the payout was made to. Only transactions (by line item) for funds deposited or deducted from your bank account will appear on this report.

The report includes the following information :

    • Date: 2021-10-01 
      • Note: This is the date the payout was created (after the transaction date). For credit card transactions it can take 2 to 3 days to deposit money into your bank account, after the transaction date. For eCheck (ACH)  transactions it can take 5 to 7 days after the transaction is made for the money to be deposited into your account.  If you do not see a specific payout, adjust the report dates and rerun the report.
  • Transaction Type: charge (the client’s payment), refund (money returned to your client), fee (processing fees), chargeback (disputed credit card transactions), reinstatement ( disputes won)
    • Status: collected (funds are ready to be deposited), completed (funds have been deposited), failed (funds never received)
    • Client Name: The name of the client associated with the payment transaction
  • Matter: The Matter associated with the payment transaction
    • Description: Describes the payment transaction -  Payment, refund, fee (e.g. Online Payments for Invoice #23, Online payments for Trust Request #42, Payment plan installment)
    • Amount: Full payment amount processed (i.e. paid by client before any fees)
  • Fees: The fees associated with that transaction line item
  • Net Amount deposited: Net amount that was actually deposited (after deducting processing fees)
  • Total: Totals for Full Amount, Fees, and Net Amount for each day’s payout by account


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