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Quickbooks Error Code: (2220)


  • Quickbooks Error Code 2220
  • "Code (2220): Invalid CurrencyRef. Invalid or Unsupported currency type supplied. Supplied value:" Error


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • Some currencies in Clio Manage have multiple variants to suit different business needs. Due to the way that currencies are set up, not all variants of currencies will be able to sync to Quickbooks Online by default. These currencies typically, but not exclusively, have the phrase "English Symbol Notation" in their name. 


The currency selected in Clio Manage does not have a valid currency code supported by Quickbooks Online


Use a different currency with a supported, 3 letter currency code (IE UAE instead of UAE, English Symbol Notation)


Contact Clio Support to request having an exception created for your selected currency.


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