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Internal Message Error: "This Thread Failed to Load or Was Not Found"


  • When clicking on an Internal Message from the Firm Feed, the following error message is displayed: "This thread failed to load or was not found. Try refreshing the page or email us at if the issue persists"
  • Can't click to open a Internal Message from the Firm Feed
  • Can't click to open a Secure Message from the Firm Feed


  • Clio Manage
  • Internal Messages

Additional Information:

  • Internal Messages were formerly called Secure Messages in North America

  • Internal Messages are still called Secure Messages in EMEA


The Internal Message is not connected to a Matter. Internal Messages that are sent that have not been attached to a Matter will only be visible to the sender and receiver(s).


The Clio User who sent the Internal Message, needs to assign a Matter to the Internal Message. The steps to do so are detailed here: How To Assign a Matter To a Internal Message I Received


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