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Error: "Payment Failed to Process. The Bank Account ID is Not Mapped to a Lawpay Account. Please Try Again"


  • Record Payment using an eCheck through Clio Payments


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • This error often shows to the customers who migrate from LawPay to the Clio Payments
  • Screen_Shot_2021-12-30_at_8.30.58_AM.png


The Client of the Attorney would have to make an e-check payment through Clio Payments and check the box: that says "Allow Future Use of Payment information" in order to record payment via eCheck.

The payment information remains stored in LawPay instead of Clio Payments if the Client’s last payment was done through LawPay and not Clio Payments. Any payment information saved through LawPay does not transfer over to Clio Payments.


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