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Can I Use One Firm Address On Bills for My Clients and Another for My Clio Subscription Receipt?


  • Can I have two different mailing addresses in Clio Manage? 
  • Can I have one specific mailing address for my Clio subscription and the other for Bills generated for my clients?
  • Can I use one mailing address for bills generated for my clients and a separate one for my firm's Clio subscription?
  • Can I set a firm address for my Clients and a mailing address for my Clio Subscription?


  • Clio Manage 

Additional Information:


No, this is not currently possible. The Mailing Address used on the Account and Payment Info page within Clio Manage will be applied to Bills and will also be used on your Clio Subscription Receipt.  As a temporary work around, you can edit these, print your Clio receipt and then change them back. 

If you wish to see this Feature in Clio, please submit a Feature Request via email to


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