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Why Are My Filed Emails Saved As EML Files?


  • Why are my filed emails saving as .EML?
  • What does Clio choose to save as .EML?
  • Why don't we save filed emails in .MSG?


  • Clio Manage
  • Gmail Add-on
  • Outlook Add-in

Additional Information:

  • It's unfortunately true that Outlook will open EML files but not render them correctly. Other email software handles them better. If you are having issues opening an EML file to view please see the alternative methods mentioned here.


At Clio we have decided to save filed emails in EML format files because this is the format used when emails are in transit and this format is a universal way to store email data. MSG format files by comparison is a proprietary format created by Microsoft which we don't use.

The reason we store emails is to provide a copy that can be used in court, an unalterable snapshot of the email as it was received. EML is the accurate way to do that whereas MSG would be an interpreted version of the email, a version only compatible with Microsoft Outlook.


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