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Why Can't I Set "2FA Required" for Some Users?


  • Why is "2FA required" not available for some users?
  • Why do some users have N/A in the Require 2FA column?


  • Clio Manage, Firm Security form

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Required 2FA (two-factor authentication) is available only for users who have been migrated to Clio's new Identity service. In order for a user to be eligible for mandatory 2FA, the user must:

  • have completed their Clio user registration.
  • be migrated to Clio's new Identity service (legacy user accounts are migrated nightly).

Clio Grow users who add a Manage license to their account must link for single sign-on (SSO), which will update their Manage account to the Clio Identity service.

If a newly added user shows "N/A" in the Required 2FA column, it is likely that the option to make 2FA required will be available for this user account the next day. For more information, contact Clio Support.

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