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Why is Clio Requesting a Copy of My Bank Statement?


  • Why do I need to provide documentation to verify my Clio Payments Account?
  • My application for Clio Payments was approved why is my account now paused?
  • Why am I being asked to provide a copy of my bank statement?


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  • As a part of our risk management process you may be contacted with a request for documentation to verify your bank account after activating Clio Payments.  This measure is undertaken to protect you and your client from fraudulent activities.
  • You will have been directed to upload documentation verifying your bank account details.  This documentation can be in the form of a redacted bank statement or a voided check.
  • Once submitted the verification process takes 12-24 business hours to complete.  From there, any paused payments will take an additional 3+ business days to land in your account.Screen_Shot_2022-02-11_at_2.50.03_PM.png
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