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Why Haven’t I Received the Funds for a Completed Online Payments Transaction?


  • A transaction shows Completed on the Online Payments tab but I do not see the funds in my bank account?  
  • When will an Online Payment be deposited into my bank?
  • When does a credit card payment get deposited into my bank?
  • When will I receive the deposit for an e-check payment? 
  • Why haven't I received the funds for a Completed Online Payments transaction?
  • Why hasn't my Clio Payments transaction been deposited into my bank account? 


  • Clio Manage 
  • Clio Payments

Additional Information:


It typically takes 2-7 business days from a Completed Status for an Online Payment to be processed and deposited into your Bank account. This timeframe varies depending on your client's payment method (e.g credit card or eCheck) and the bank processing this transaction. 

If it has been up to 7 business days and the Online Payment has not been deposited into your bank account, please contact us.

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