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How Does the Gmail Add-On Feature Know What Matters to Suggest?


  • How does the Gmail add-on feature determine what matters to suggest? 
  • What types of matters are being suggested by the Gmail add-on feature? 


  • Clio Manage 
  • Gmail Add On

Additional Information:


The Gmail Add On feature is designed to suggest Matters by reading parts of an email and determining if there are any pieces of information such as a name or an email address that can be matched with the information within a Matter in Clio Manage i.e suggesting a Matter after matching the email address on Gmail with the email address of your client in Clio.

Emails that have no relation to a Matter that is in Clio, the suggested matter is the most recent matter created by the user that is logged in to Manage through the Add-on and is the Responsible Attorney. If the user is not the Responsible Attorney, then this new matter isn't suggested. I've tested this on two accounts and it seems to be the case

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