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How To Use the Bulk File Upload Feature in Clio Drive for Windows

Bulk File Upload

With Clio Drive's bulk file upload feature, you can upload large quantities of documents or large file sizes in the background from Clio Drive to Clio Manage. When you upload files to Clio Drive, all your files will be available instantly in Clio Drive. Availability in Clio Manage varies depending on broadband speeds and file size. To use the bulk file upload feature:

  1. Open File Explorer and look for Clio Drive.
  2. In Clio Drive find the folder you want the files to live.
  3. Copy the files you want to upload to Clio Drive and paste them in the folder of your choice. Alternatively, you can also drag and drop the files.

    Tip: Use keyboard shortcuts to easily move all your files. Click Ctrl + A to select all files. Click Ctrl + C to copy all files. Click Ctrl + V to paste all files. 

  4. Open the Clio desktop app and select the Drive tab.
  5. Beside Pending Upload Queue click View queue.
      • The blue upward arrow means that the file is in queue and the upload process has not started.
      • The grey hourglass means that an upload is in progress.
      • The green checkmark means that the upload is complete.
  6. Access your files in Clio Manage under Documents when all the files in the queue are marked with a green checkmark.


Note: A file can only be removed or deleted from the queue if it is marked with the grey hourglass. When you see the green checkmark, the file will need to be deleted from either Clio Drive or Clio Manage. 

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