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How to Resend a Document for E-Signature when Other Signers Have Signed the Document?


  • What happens if one of the signers fails to sign the document?
  • What happens if I re-send a document to the signer who failed to sign the document?
  • If I have multiple signers and one of them fails to sign the document, can I resend the document to the one signer who failed to sign?
  • If I re-send a document to the signer who failed to sign the document out of the remaining signers, does the document display the signatures of all the remaining signers who had already signed the document or just the one signer to which the document was re-sent?


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:



If you resend a document to the signer who failed to sign the document, it will just display the signature of that specific signer and would not display the signature of the remaining signers who have already signed the document. In order to achieve that, you would need to resend the document for e-sign to all the remaining signers. Kindly follow the steps below in order to resend a document for e-sign. 

  1. Go to Documents
  2. Locate the PDF you want to send
  3. Click the triangle menu_triangle.png to the left and choose e-Sign
  4. Enter which Contacts you would like to resend the document to
  5. Click Prepare for signing
  6. In HelloSign, add a signature field for the Client and one for yourself
  7. In one of the Signature Fields, under the Assigned To field, select Me (Now)
  8. Select Insert and then Continue
  9. Include a message (optional)
  10. Click Request Signature
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