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Using Mask Fields When Sending Clients Documents for eSignature


  • Using Mask Typed Text when sending out a document for eSignature.
  • Why can't I view Masked Fields data collected when a client eSigns a document.
  • How to view masked information collected from eSignature.


  • Clio Manage
  • Clio Grow
  • HelloSign

Additional Information:

  • For more information on this HelloSign feature, please feel free to see their help article here.


By default when an eSignature is sent out from Clio, a free HelloSign account is created and used to send these documents. While the HelloSign feature works correctly to mask sensitive data received when sending out a document for an eSignature, a higher HelloSign Subscription level is required to download and correctly view the masked information. 

If you wish to upgrade your HelloSign subscription or submit a Feature Request to remove this as an option please feel free to reach out to HelloSign Support here. As a preventative measure to help reduce pain points for our users, this option is disabled by default in Clio Manage and Clio Grow.

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