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How Do I Reset a Client's ID Number in a Matter Number?


  • How do I get a Client's ID number to be 001 instead of 002/003 in a Matter number?
  • How do I reset Client ID numbers back to 001 when creating a Matter Numbering scheme that includes the Client ID?


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • When including a Client's ID number in a Matter number, it will assign a 3 digit number based on which order among all the Clients that a Matter was created for said Client. 
  • Ex. If you had 5 Clients with matters already, the 6th Client to have their first matter created would be assigned the Client ID 006.


Warning - In most cases, this will not be worth it as you would have to delete work already done.

  • If you want to reset back to 001, use the following steps:
    • Delete all Matters
    • Delete all Clients that were attached to those Matters
    • Create the Client that you want to be assigned to 001.
    • Create the Matter for Client 001.
    • Recreate all deleted Clients that you deleted.
    • Recreate all Matters.
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