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Activity Hours Visibility

Activity hours visibility is a new user setting in Clio Manage that allows Firm Administrators to mask activity hour details on a per-user basis, while still giving users access to other activity details. This setting applies to all time based activities associated with the matter.

Firm Administrators can apply a setting that prevents specific firm users from seeing time and billing details in the Activities page. Users will still be able to see the context of activities on a matter, such as matter details and activity description, but the quantity/duration and billable/non billable amount fields will be hidden.

Firm Administrators

Only Firm Administrators can restrict the activities information that firm users see.  If you are a Firm Administrator and want to restrict a user's access to activity hours:

  1. Go to Settings > Manage Users.
  2. Select Edit for the user you want to make changes for.
  3. Scroll to the section titled Activity Hours Visibility.
  4. Choose one of two options for the user:
      • All: This is the default setting. The user will have access to all activity information for the entire firm. 
      • Own and when acting as a matter's responsible attorney: The user can only see activity time and billing details for their own matters or for matters where the user is the responsible attorney. When a user views the Activities page, they will see asterisks for the amounts listed under the quantity, billable amount, non-billable amount, and rate fields for all other matters.

Important: The new setting only impacts what users would see in the main Activities page and the Activities subpage for a matter. The setting does not respect Billing and Reports permissions. This means that users with Reports permissions will still have access to the firm's activities when running reports. Similarly, users with Billing permissions will still have access to time and billing data through billing workflows, including billing details for matters. 


Note: This setting may not mask activity hours via the Clio Mobile App or via apps integrated with Clio.

Users who see asterisks

If you are seeing asterisks for information listed below the quantity, billable amount, non-billable amount, and rate fields when viewing the Activities page, this means that you do not have permission to view activity hour details for matters that are not your own or where you are not the responsible attorney. Your Firm Administrator applied a setting to your user profile that only allows you to see time and billing details for your own matters or matters where you are the responsible attorney. 

Note: The totals calculated at the bottom of the screen are not complete representations of the firm's total quantity, billable amount, non-billable amount, or rate. You are only seeing totals for information that is visible to you. This means that you are only seeing totals for matters that are your own or for matters where you are the responsible attorney.


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