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How Do I Disconnect the LawPay Integration and Signup for Clio Payments?

Clio has offered online credit card payments to customers through an integration with LawPay since 2015. In October 2021, we added built-in payment processing to Clio Manage, which can be utilized without connecting to a third party payment processor. The new Clio Payments comes with more flexible payment plans, the ability to accept eCheck payments, and the option to securely store your client’s preferred payment details. Plus, because it's in Manage you get to view your transactions and support from the Clio team you already know and love. 

Availability: At this time, the new Clio Payments is available to Clio Manage customers based in the US. Customers based in Canada can continue to use the LawPay integration to accept credit card payments.


Disconnect the LawPay integration and activate Clio Payments 

The following process is available to most Clio Manage customers. If you do not see the functionality described below in your account, please contact support or book an appointment with an account manager and they’ll walk you through the process. 

Note: Clio Payments is only available in the United States


Step 1: Signing Up

1. Navigate to the Online payments tab

2. Select Access more features

3. Click on Sign up now


Step 2: Business Details

Business Details: To sign up for Clio Payments, enter all required fields (unless specified) below. 

  • Business type
  • Business name
  • Business email and phone number
  • Business addressMigration_step1.jpg

Step 3: Enter Personal Information

Personal Information: Enter your personal information as well as information of firm members who have at least 25% ownership. This information includes:

  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Social security number
  • Email and phone number
  • Home addressMigration_step2.jpg

Step 4: Enter Banking Information

Banking Information: Connect your bank accounts, including at least one account designated as your operating bank account. You will need:

  • Banking account number
  • Routing number 

Step 5: Payment Plans and contact information

If you have active payment plans in Clio Manage, the plans will get automatically disconnected once you transition over. You have two options: 

  • Recreate the payment plans in Clio. You will need to request and store payment information from your clients again. To make this process easier, Clio Manage can send an automated email to your saved contacts (see below). 
  • You can continue to run these payment plans directly from your LawPay account. Payments received from these plans will not be synced to Clio Manage and you will need to manually record the transactions in Clio.
Please note this step only appears if you've previously saved payment methods and/or payment plans using the integration.


Requesting contact payment information: 

You can choose to send an email to:

  • No contacts
  • Only contacts with an open matter
  • Only contacts on a payment plan
  • Contacts with an open matter or on a payment plan
  • All contacts with a save payment method

If you are not ready to proceed with this step, click the cross on top-right to exit. Your progress will be saved and you can return to this step later. If you do not wish to have Clio Manage send an automated email and instead request payment methods separately, select none of my contacts and select Continue to complete the process.


Clio Manage will send the following email:


Can this email come from my email address? 

Yes, if you have email personalization enabled in your account this automated email will come from the address of the firm member that completed the transition from the LawPay integration to Clio Payments. 

If you do not have email personalization on your account the email address will come from

Learn about email personalization 

What will happen if my contact tries to reply to this automated email? 

Replies to this email will go to the firm member who completed the transition from the LawPay integration to Clio Payments.

Step 6: Review and submit 


Review the information you’ve provided and submit.


How to switch to Clio Payments from the LawPay integration - Clio





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