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Send Bills Using Clio for Clients

To receive payments through Clio for Clients you must first enable Clio Payments on your account. If you are using the LawPay integration you can sign up for Clio Payments, contact Clio Support or book an appointment with an account manager to get set up. Clio Payments is only available in the United States.

Clio for Clients is Clio's secure online portal for sharing bills, documents, and communicating with clients. If your client has an active client portal, you can send a generated bill to the client using the client portal.

Tip: Learn more about setting up a client portal here.

Send bill in client portal

When sharing a bill in Clio Manage, you can send the bill through a client's secure client portal, by email, or both. If you share the bill through the client portal, your client can access the bill in the client portal and they will receive an email notification containing the bill. If you have Clio Payments enabled, your client can pay the bill by clicking the payment link in the notification email or by accessing the client portal.

Once a bill has been shared in the client portal, both you and the client can view the bill at any time in the client portal. Any changes made to the bill will immediately be reflected in the client portal. This means that you do not need to re-share the bill by email. 

Note: You cannot share a bill through a client portal if you are bulk sharing bills.

To share a bill via the client portal:

  1. Go to Billing or go to the Bills subtab within the matter.
  2. Select the Unpaid subtab.
  3. Click Send.
  4. In the send bill modal, toggle on Send to client portal.
  5. Optional: add a message to your client.
  6. Optional: Toggle on Send via email to also send the bill by email.
  7. Click Send bill.


Client actions

After sharing a bill through the client portal, your client can view and pay the bill in the client portal.  Once the bill is shared, the client will receive an email notification.

Tip: Clients can pay the bill directly from the notification email without accessing the client portal.

To view and pay the bill in the client portal, the client should:

  1. Go to the bill email and click View all bills in secure portal.
  2. Once in the client portal, click Messages to view the firm’s message and the bill. The client can also click Bills to view the bill.
  3. Click the bill to view a downloaded copy.
  4. Click Pay bill to pay the bill.


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