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Report Presets

The Presets tab on the reports page is a newly added tab that allows you to quickly generate reports you access on a regular basis. With this enhancement, you will be able to save your report selections (ie. filters, checkboxes) as Presets. The next time you wish to generate the report, simply visit the Presets tab and in one click “Generate” your report. 

Creating a Preset

  1. Go to the report that you want to create a Preset for
  2. Go through the different filters and checkboxes and select the ones you want 
  3. Click on the Save as preset button

  1. Enter the name of the Preset
  2. Click Save preset

Generating and viewing a Preset report

This can be done in two ways. 

  1. You can save a preset and generate the report at the same time. Simply, click the Save and generate button to view the report immediately. 


  1. On the Presets tab, you can click the Generate button next to the Preset name. Once the report is generated, you will receive a notification in the bottom right of your  screen with a link to view/download the report.

Editing/viewing a Preset

Simply click on the Preset name in the table to view or edit. 

Deleting a Preset

  1. Click the arrow next to the Generate button next  to the preset you want to delete
  2. Then click Delete preset

Searching for a Preset

Go to the search bar at the top right corner of the table  and type the Preset name you are looking for. 


Filtering the Presets table

You can filter presets in the table  by Category and Report output. 


Sorting the table on Presets tab

You can sort the table by the Preset name, Last generated (the date the Preset was last generated), and Last modified (the date the Preset was last modified). 

Note : The Last modified column is not in the table by default, but can be added by clicking on the Columns button in the top right. 

Which reports will I be able to make Presets for? 

Presets can be made for 23 Manage Reports which are listed below: 

  • Billing Reports
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Accounts Receivable Aging
    • Billing History
    • Matter Balance Summary
    • Invoice Payments Report
  • Client Reports
    • Client Activity
    • Client Ledger
    • Trust Ledger
    • Trust Management
    • Trust Listing
    • Work in Progress
    • Bank Account Activity
  • Matter Reports
    • Matters
    • Matters by Responsible Attorney
    • Contact Information
  • Productivity Reports
    • Productivity by Client
    • Productivity by User
    • Matter Productivity by User
  • Task Reports
    • Task Progress by User
    • Task Productivity by User
  • Revenue Reports
    • Revenue
    • Originating Attorney Revenue
    • Fee Allocation

Presets are currently not available for the below reports: 

  • Online Payment Reports
    • Monthly Statements
    • Ledger
    • Transaction
    • Deposit
    • Form 1099-K
  • Compliance Reports
    • LSA Reports

How many reports can I generate at once? 

You can generate one report type at a time. For example, you can generate only one Accounts Receivable report but can also generate an Accounts Receivable report and a Billing History report concurrently. 

How does this impact the Report History table? 

While the functionality of the Report History table has not changed, we have added another column to the History table labeled Source. This will make it easier for you to find and differentiate between reports you have generated via the Reports tab or the Presets tab

Can I set a preset for another user?
At the moment, you can only see Presets you have personally created. 

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