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Why are Time Entries Added Within a Matter Not Being Connected to the Matter in New Clio?


  • Why is the Matter field being blanked out when I add Time within a Matter?
  • Why are Time Entries not associated with a Matter when added within the Matter?


  • Clio Manage
  • New Clio Experience

Additional Information:

This will likely on occur for users who are transitioning from the previous version of Clio to the new version.


This is an issue that users of the previous Clio experience will see when using the tab key on their keyboard and entering Time within the New Clio Experience. Within the previous version of Clio, after you have entered a Time Entry Duration you are able to hit tab on your keyboard 3 times in order to navigate to the Note field of the Time Entry. Within the New Clio Experience, hitting tab 3 times on your keyboard will place you within the Matter field of the Time Entry. If you instinctively start to type here then the connection to the Matter will be removed when you save the Time Entry. If you actively use the tab function of your keyboard, within new Clio you will need to make sure that you are hitting tab 5 times after entering in the Duration of the Time Entry before you enter in the Description.

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