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My Bill in Clio is Not Syncing to Xero


  • Invoice doesn't sync to Xero
  • Why aren't my bills going over to Xero?


  • Clio Manage
  • Xero

Additional Information:



There are multiple reasons why a Bill created in Clio may not be syncing to Xero.


  1. Verify that Clio is currently syncing with Xero
  2. Verify that the bill is not in Draft status (Bills in Draft status will not sync)
  3. Verify that the bill has not been voided in Clio 
  4. Verify that the bill is issued on a date that Clio is syncing in the Xero integration settings
  5. Verify that the Clio Contact has synced as a Client in Xero Online
  6. Verify that there are no duplicate Clients in Xero, including Archived Clients
  7. Contact Clio Support


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