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Troubleshooting a OneDrive Syncing Issue


  • To determine if there is an issue with the OneDrive sync
  • OneDrive is not creating a Client or Matter folder
  • A Clio folder and/or subfolders show in OneDrive but not in Clio


  • Clio Manage
  • Onedrive

Additional Information:

To confirm the Clio account is linked to Onedrive Procedure:

  1. Upload a document with a unique name through the Clio documents page
  2. Login to www.onedrive.live.com and search for the document name (not on the desktop app) 
  3. If the document cannot be found then this is not the Onedrive account that is linked to Clio. Take note of the login information in the top left hand corner of www.onedrive.com
  4. If the name of the account is not as expected, a resync would be required, or the person who is currently syncing would need to share the Clio folder in Onedrive with this user


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