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How Can I Track Total Payments Received Versus Total Invoiced Work For Multiple Users?


  • How can I track total revenue received versus invoiced work for multiple users?
  • How can I report on total discounts over a given period specific to each user?
  • Track hours billed against payments received per user or attorney


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:



  1. Generate a Revenue Report for each user over the desired date range as a CSV file.
  2. Navigate to Activities in the vertical blue toolbar and set the desired date range.
  3. Filter the Activities list for a single User.
  4. Export the Activities list into a CSV file.
  5. Repeat for each User as needed.

The Revenue Report will provide information on the total revenue received, while the Activities Export CSV will provide information on the total work invoiced. Subtract the total revenue received from the total work invoiced to view the total discounts provided over the given period.

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